Commercial Loans/Mortgages

Does your business require capital to finance fixed assets (such as real estate)? We can provide options to help. Arrange a meeting with our knowledgeable commercial loans professionals for specific information tailored to YOUR business needs. We can design a loan package with terms, options, and rates to suit your business requirements.

At Caisse populaire de Clare we offer:

   - Competitive rates
   - Business Services Department with knowledgeable professionals ready to serve you
   - Programs specifically tailored to the needs of sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation
   - Flexible payment schedule
   - Access to loans and mortgages under the NS Small Business Loan Guarantee Program or Canada Small Business Financing Program.

Loan types available at  Caisse populaire de Clare include:

   - Operating lines of credit
   - Equipment loans
   - Commercial mortgages
   - Government Guaranteed loans*

 *Canada Small Business Financing Act and Nova Scotia Small Business Financing/Loan Guarantee available through Credit Unions in Nova Scotia

Other options that may be of interest to you:

   - Creditor Disability Insurance
   - Creditor Life Insurance
   - Business Visa* credit cards

If you have any questions about financing options best for you contact us.