Online Banking for Small Business

If you own a small business, time is probably one of your most valuable commodities. No matter what you do, you never seem to have enough of it.

At Caisse populaire de Clare, we can help. Upgrade to Small Business Online Banking and discover online banking the way it was meant to be-smart, simple and seamless.

Designed for the needs of small businesses, our online business banking upgrade gives you time-saving features in one convenient package.

Pay and file your business taxes

You already pay other bills online, why not pay your government taxes directly from your business account as well? Forget fiddling with forms or trying to find a stamp. A few clicks with online business banking and you can be done.

Consolidate your accounts

With Small Business Online Banking, moving money between your business and personal accounts is easy. See all your accounts at a glance-without having to login more than once.

Authorise users to view or initiate transactions

Do you hire an accountant, a bookkeeper or even a family member to keep your business finances in order? With online business banking, you can authorize your staff to view your statements online at their convenience, without paper statements. You can also authorize delegates to initiate transfers and bill payments. They start the process; you finish it by approving or declining each one.

Automate Dual Signature Approvals

Transactions created in Small Business Online Banking can also be set up to require approval from two people. Best of all, the notification process between both signers is fully automated. You'll be able to see what's pending as soon as you log in.

To upgrade to Small Business Online Banking, contact us to open an account for you.