Direct Deposit

A convenient, safe, automatic way for depositing pay cheques, GST cheques, Child Tax Benefits, and other payments.


  • Saves time with same day deposit.
  • Worry-free in case of illness, vacation, travelling or inclement weather.
  • Earns interest immediately, if savings account.
  • NO risk of lost, stolen or damaged cheques.

Click here to access our direct deposit form.

Required Account Information for Direct Deposit/Pre-Authorization
The pre-authorization form needs your financial institution and account numbers. See these below:
Route/Transit/Branch # - 22293
Institution# - 839

Important Information re: Valid Account Number for Direct Deposits and Pre-authorized Payment Forms:

The format for bank account numbers are 5 digit member number PLUS 2 digit account number PLUS a final digit. For example 12345-006. To sign in to online banking or to refer your accounts with us, we use “00” for the account number. This encompasses all your accounts.

However PLEASE NOTE that the information required for Direct Deposits and Pre-authorized payments is the individual account number. You may have a savings account and a chequing account and you'll need to specify which account you want. Therefore when entering your bank account number be sure to specify the proper two digits representing the account number. For example: 12345 -116

It is important that the bank account information is accurate. So if you have any questions please contact on of our branches to ensure you have the proper account information.